Lush Folk
Lush Folk
Creative beauty & lush bohemian living

Say yes to a meaningful life. Say yes to resonance, transcendence, and beauty.

inkstains & alchemy

You can't shame your body into love. 

Plus-size curvy girl? You can love your body. Right now. As-is. Don't wait until you can fit into your skinny jeans. 

dear artist

You CAN have a meaningful, creative life you love.

Dear Artist is a revolutionary program for women like you who long to make their lives a luscious work of art. 

lush curiosities

Coffee, Incense, Books & Rain™

All of my favorite things. Also featuring Incense, Chai, Books & Rain™ for a delicious, cozy alternative.

About Lush Folk

Lush Folk is an online apothecary for soul, body and home created and curated by Hillary Rain. In her shop you will find her exclusive collection, Coffee, Incense, Books & Rain. Hillary is a writer, artist, seeker (and seer) of unconventional beauty. She is the creator of Inkstains & Alchemy and Dear Artist—creative programs that help women create the meaningful lives they long for. Currently, Hillary is developing a line of Spoken Art Invocations—poetry meditations featuring the words and wisdom of poets and sages. These soothing invocations heal, nurture and illuminate the spirit and soul. Her prayer is to be a blessingway of peace. Add your name to her love list, read about her programs, or visit her shop for more.

In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems.