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You CAN create a meaningful life. And love every beautiful drop of it.

Let me show you how.

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Dear Artist:
you can  have a creative life
you LOVE.

Find your fire and come alive. In 5 weeks or less. 


What happens when a writer doesn't write? When a maker doesn't make? 

Stuck energy keeps you stuck. Overwhelm keeps you paralyzed. Heaviness creates depression in the energetic and emotional tapestry of your life. In order to thrive, artists must create. Dear Artist, this means you. No matter how you feel today, you CAN have a creative life you love.

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You can love your body. Right now.

Don't wait until you fit into your skinny jeans.


Inkstains & Alchemy is a self-guided program to help you love the body you have right now.

Are you a curvy girl? A plus-sized woman? Do you live with chronic pain or have a disability? Regardless of your wellness goals, there is something you need to know...

You are not alone.